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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What model Champion Juicer is available?

A: There is only one model imported into New Zealand, Champion 2000+. Model G5-PG-710 240volt & 50 Hertz. This is a heavy-duty home-use machine, with a stainless steel shaft and is extensively used in the catering and hospitality industry.

Purees, baby foods, sorbets, homemade icecream, softserve, frozen fruit icecream, smoothies and nut butters.Q: Choice of Colour?

A: Two colours are available: white and black.

Q: What warranty is available?

A: Ten years limited warranty. Motor defects resulting from motor shaft seal failure are covered for three years. All parts are covered for one year.

Q: What can be juiced?

A: All vegetables and fruit can be juiced.

Q: What else can the Champion Juicer do?

A: Purees, baby foods, sorbets, homemade icecream, softserve, frozen fruit icecream, smoothies and nut butters.

Q: Are spare parts available?

A: All spare parts are available from Champion Juicer New Zealand.

Q: Is the Champion Juicer a repairable appliance?

A: The Champion Juicer has a repairable electric motor, and is definitely not a throw away appliance. Seals and Bearings can be replaced and further repairs can be performed by an electrical appliance repairman extending the working life of the machine.

Q: Is the machine easy to clean & assemble?

A: Designed with simplicity in mind, cleaning and assembly is quick and painless. Cleaning the machine under cool running water is sufficient for regular use. The machine is easy to assemble , no nuts & bolts, screws & clamps so assembly can be completed in minutes.

Q: What is the price of the Champion 2000+

A: $1298.50 including GST and delivery throughout New Zealand.

Q: My juicer worked fine the first time but now when I plug it in it doesn't turn on?

A: The newer model Champion Juicers have a sensor located on the juicing parts that will not allow the unit to operate unless all parts are properly positioned (refer to troubleshooting section of the owner's manual).

Q: Why does my juicer make a loud clicking noise when I feed vegetables into it?

A: The clicking sound is created by the motor's centrifugal switch. 1st possibility is feeding the unit to aggressively. 2nd possibility could be a dull cutter.

Q: What is the best way to keep my juicer looking new?

A: Good clean up is important. Soaking the parts overnight in a strong solution of dish soap. If stains are extreme add bleach to the solution, then rinse thoroughly.

Champion Juicer in 4 coloursQ: Is it safe to put my juicer's parts in the dishwasher?

A: NO, these parts are not dishwasher safe. The parts are made from stainless steel and then laminated with nylon. These two materials heat and cool differently and would eventually cause a problem.

Q: What's the difference between the regular screen and the optional large hole screen?

A: It's just like it sounds. The regular screen has holes that are smaller to allow less pulp into the juice. The large hole screen allows a much greater amount of pulp to enter juice. (Approximately 50% more pulp. This will vary depending on material).

Q: How often should I replace my cutter?

A: The cutter wear is based on usage. Customers using the Champion only occasionally may get 10-15 years of service. With heavy use the cutters need replacement every 18-24 months. If you have concerns our customer service people can assist you.

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